(A)   This district is a zoning district that may contain a single use or any combination of residential, commercial and industrial uses for a PUD. Planned unit developments shall be planned as integral units.
   (B)   The approval process for a PUD involves rezoning the property upon approval of a developer’s application for a specific planned unit development project. The purpose of these regulations is to provide the community the benefits of efficiency, economy and flexibility by encouraging unified development of sites, while deriving for the town the advantages of improved appearance, compatibility of uses, optimum services by community facilities and better handling of vehicular access and circulation.
   (C)   A planned unit development should preserve the natural amenities of the land through maintenance of conservation areas and open spaces within developments.
   (D)   Review of the planned unit development by the Plan Commission should assure that such developments are consistent with the objectives of the town’s Comprehensive Plan.
(Ord. 2000-16, passed 8-28-2000, § 5.1; Ord. 2010-04, passed 6-7-2010)