§ 194.112  URBAN WORKS OF ART.
   (A)   Works of art that are clearly artistic in nature and which do not promote commercial interests are allowed and exempt from this chapter.
   (B)   If, in the discretion of the Director of Planning, it is determined that there is a commercial message or interest incorporated into the work of art said work of art shall be considered a sign and shall only be permitted and regulated as such:
   (C)   Two dimensional works of art placed on the facade of buildings shall not exceed 30% of the facade of a building which they are placed.
   (D)   Appeals of the decision of the Director shall be made pursuant to § 194.202 of this chapter.
(Ord. 2000-16, passed 8-28-2000, § 3.18; Ord. 2008-08, passed 5-5-2008)