The following information shall be provided by way of a development plan or plat, or combination thereof, which may be accompanied by a written report or narrative description of the development restrictions applicable to the PUD:
   (A)   The proposed title of the project and the name of the engineer, architect, designer or landscape architect, and the development;
   (B)   A location map showing the position of the proposed development in relationship to the surrounding area;
   (C)   A general description of the proposal, stating the purpose and goals of the development and the design features incorporated for meeting these goals;
   (D)   A discussion of the proposed standards for development, including restrictions on the use of the property, density standards, yard requirements and restrictive covenants;
   (E)   A discussion as to how accessory uses and buildings will be considered;
   (F)   Location, height and material of all fences, walls, screens, planting and landscaping. Plans for protection of abutting properties, including buffers, screening and landscaping;
   (G)   Proposed development timetable, including all planned phases of the project;
   (H)   The boundaries of the property involved, the location of all existing easements, section lines and property lines, existing streets, buildings and other existing physical features in or adjoining the project;
   (I)   The location and character of construction of proposed streets, alleys, driveways, curb cuts, entrances and exits, loading areas (including numbers of parking and loading spaces) and outdoor fighting systems;
   (J)   The location and sizes of existing and proposed sanitary and storm sewers, water mains, culverts and other underground facilities in or near the project;
   (K)   The location of proposed lots, setback lines and easements, and proposed reservations for parks, parkways, playgrounds, school sites and open spaces;
   (L)   The location and height of all proposed main and accessory buildings and structures, including typical elevations of such structures;
   (M)   Proposed location, intended use and character of all buildings, including a tabulation of the total number of dwelling units if proposed;
   (N)   Location, character, size and height of proposed signs and their orientation in relation to surrounding properties;
   (O)   A tabulation of the total number of acres in the project, gross and net and the percentage square footage thereof proposed to be devoted to different dwelling types, commercial uses, other non- residential uses, off-street parking, streets, parks, schools, green space, conservation areas and other public and private reservations;
   (P)   A tabulation of the total number of dwelling units of various types in the project and the overall project density in dwelling units per acre, gross and net, as required by district regulations;
   (Q)   A discussion of the mechanism for matters not covered by the PUD to default to zoning regulations of the town; and
   (R)   A detailed legal description of the location of the site.
(Ord. 2000-16, passed 8-28-2000, § 5.8; Ord. 2010-04, passed 6-7-2010)