(A)   In order to assure the compatibility of new development or major additions to existing development with the surrounding community, all new construction, building additions, new or expanded surface parking areas, exterior building renovations and freestanding or building signs located in the following districts shall be subject to the approval of a development plan by the Plan Commission:
      (1)   Urban RE (Equestrian Estate Residential District);
      (2)   Urban R-SF-1 (Urban Single-Family Residential District 1);
      (3)   Urban R-SF-2 (Urban Single-Family Residential District 2);
      (4)   Urban R-SF-3 (Urban Single-Family Residential District 3);
      (5)   Urban R-SF-4 (Urban Single-Family Residential District 4);
      (6)   Urban R-MF-1 (Multi-Family Residence District 1);
      (7)   Urban R-MF-2 (Multi-Family Residence District 2);
      (8)   Urban R-V (Urban Special Residential District);
      (9)   Urban B-O (Office District);
      (10)   Urban B-1 (Neighborhood Business District);
      (11)   Urban B-2 (General Business District);
      (12)   Urban B-3 (Highway Business District);
      (13)   Urban VBD (Village Business District);
      (14)   Urban I-ORT (Office/Research/Technology/Industrial District);
      (15)   Urban I-1 (Light Industrial District);
      (16)   Urban I-2 (General Industrial District);
      (17)   Urban I-3 (Heavy Industrial District);
      (18)   Urban All SU (Special Use Districts);
      (19)   Urban O-1 (Urban Open Land District);
      (20)   Urban FP (Urban Floodplain Secondary District);
      (21)   Urban MRO (Urban U.S. Highway 421-Michigan Road Corridor Overlay District);
      (22)   Rural C (Rural Conservation District);
      (23)   Rural AP (Rural Agricultural Preservation District);
      (24)   Rural General Agricultural District;
      (25)   Rural RE (Rural Equestrian District);
      (26)   Rural R-1 (Rural Single-Family Residential);
      (27)   Rural R-2 (Rural Single- and Two-Family Residential);
      (28)   Rural R-3 (Rural Single- and Two-Family Residential);
      (29)   Rural R-4 (Rural Single- and Two-Family Residential);
      (30)   Rural MF (Rural Multi-Family Residential);
      (31)   Rural LB ( Rural Local Business);
      (32)   Rural PB (Rural Professional Business);
      (33)   Rural UB (Rural Urban Business);
      (34)   Rural GB (Rural General Business);
      (35)   Rural AB (Rural Accommodation Business);
      (36)   Rural I 1 (Rural Light Industrial);
      (37)   Rural I 2 (Rural General Industrial);
      (38)   Rural MRO (Rural U.S. Highway 421-Michigan Road Corridor Overlay District); and
      (39)   Rural AZ (Rural Airport Zoning District).
   (B)   In addition, cluster subdivisions proposed for the R-SF-1 and R-SF-2 Districts also shall be subject to the approval of a development plan by the Plan Commission.
      (1)   Development requirements.
         (a)   Land in each of the districts noted above is subject to the following development requirements.
            1.   Each site shall demonstrate compliance with all development standards of the applicable district and all applicable provisions of Ch. 193 of this code of ordinances.
            2.   Submission of a site plan, overall plan, building elevations, sign plan, landscape plan, and lighting plan, as set forth in § 194.126 of this chapter.
         (b)   In review of the proposed development plan, the Plan Commission shall assess whether said development plan addresses the findings as enumerated in division (B)(2) below.
      (2)   Findings.
         (a)   The Plan Commission shall make written findings concerning any decision to approve or disapprove a development plan filed under this subchapter.
         (b)   The Plan Commission shall grant development plan approval upon written finding that the proposed development:
            1.   The proposed development is consistent with the intent and purpose of the Comprehensive Plan;
            2.   The proposed development plan satisfies the development requirements specified in this chapter; and
            3.   The proposed development plan otherwise complies with the development standards and requirement for development plan approval required by this chapter.
(Ord. 2000-16, passed 8-28-2000, § 4.1; Ord. 2015-14, passed 3-2-2015)