(A)   Unless expressly authorized by the appropriate agency or department of the town, no sign, fence, wall or improvement of any kind shall be erected, planted or maintained upon easements in favor of the town.
   (B)   The town shall not be responsible for or liable for any loss occasioned by the removal, alteration or destruction of any sign, fence, wall or improvement by the town in the proper exercise of its rights and duties in regard to an easement in favor of the town.
   (C)   Exception:
      (1)   Lateral supported two-foot encroachment for housing improvements such as (eaves, gutters, and the like);
      (2)   Improvements or objects, other than playsets, that do not have permanent foundations, including but not limited to HVAC units, landscaping and planters.
(Ord. 2000-16, passed 8-28-2000, § 1.18; Ord. 2020-01, passed 1-6-2020)