The following zoning districts for the town are hereby established, and land within the town is hereby classified, divided and zoned into said districts as designated on the Official Zone Map, as specified in §§ 194.180 through 194.185 of this chapter:
   (A)   Rural conservation and agricultural districts:
      (1)   Rural C: Rural Conservation District;
      (2)   Rural AP: Rural Agricultural Preservation District;
      (3)   Rural AG: Rural General Agricultural District; and
      (4)   Rural RE: Rural Equestrian District.
   (B)   Urban RE: Equestrian/Estate Residential District;
   (C)   Urban residential districts:
      (1)   Urban R-SF-1: Urban Single-Family Residential;
      (2)   Urban R-SF-2: Urban Single-Family Residential;
      (3)   Urban R-SF-3: Urban Single-Family Residential (deleted for new subdivisions after 7-9-1990);
      (4)   Urban R-SF-4: Urban Single-Family Residential (deleted for new subdivisions after 7-9-1990);
      (5)   Urban R-MF-1: Urban Multi-Family Residential District One;
      (6)   Urban R-MF-2: Urban Multi-Family Residential District Two; and
      (7)   Urban R-V: Urban Special Residential.
   (D)   Rural residential districts:
      (1)   Rural R-1: Rural Single-Family Residential;
      (2)   Rural R-2: Rural Single- and Two-Family Residential;
      (3)   Rural R-3: Rural Single- and Two-Family Residential;
      (4)   Rural R-4: Rural Single- and Two-Family Residential; and
      (5)   Rural MF: Rural Multi-Family Residential.
   (E)   Urban business/commercial districts:
      (1)   Urban B-O: Urban Office;
      (2)   Urban B-1: Urban Neighborhood Business;
      (3)   Urban B-2: Urban Outdoor Business; and
      (4)   Urban B-3: Urban Outdoor Business.
   (F)   Urban VBD: Urban Village Business;
   (G)   Rural business/commercial districts:
      (1)   Rural LB: Rural Local Business;
      (2)   Rural PB: Rural Professional Business;
      (3)   Rural UB: Rural Urban Business;
      (4)   Rural GB: Rural General Business; and
      (5)   Rural AB: Rural Accommodation Business.
   (H)   Urban industrial districts:
      (1)   Urban I-ORT: Urban Office/Research/Technology Industrial;
      (2)   Urban I-1: Light Industrial;
      (3)   Urban I-2: General Industrial; and
      (4)   Urban I-3: Heavy Industrial.
   (I)   Rural industrial districts:
      (1)   Rural I-1: Rural Light Industrial; and
      (2)   Rural I-2: Rural General Industrial.
   (J)   Urban special use districts:
      (1)   Urban SU-1: Schools;
      (2)   Urban SU-2: Churches;
      (3)   Urban SU-3: Golf Course, Golf Driving Range;
      (4)   Urban SU-4: Airport or Landing Field;
      (5)   Urban SU-7: Charitable and Philanthropic Institutions;
      (6)   Urban SU-8: Buildings and Grounds Used by Any Department of Town, Township, County, State or Federal Government;
      (7)   Urban SU-9: Cemeteries;
      (8)   Urban SU-12: Swimming Pool, Commercial;
      (9)   Urban SU-13: Community Center;
      (10)   Urban SU-14: Library;
      (11)   Urban SU-16: Light and Power Substation, Water Tank and Similar Structures;
      (12)   Urban SU-17: Radio or Telecommunications, Receiving or Broadcasting Towers and Associated Accessory Buildings; and
      (13)   Urban SU-20: Extracting or Gravel, Sand, Peat and Other Raw Materials.
   (K)   Urban other districts:
      (1)   Urban O-1: Urban Open Land District;
      (2)   Urban FP: Urban Floodplain Secondary District; and
      (3)   Urban MRO: Urban U.S. Highway 421-Michigan Road Corridor Overlay District.
   (L)   Rural other districts:
      (1)   Rural MRO: Urban U.S. Highway 421-Michigan Road Corridor Overlay District; and
      (2)   Rural AZ: Rural Airport Zoning District.
(Ord. 2000-16, passed 8-28-2000, § 2.1)