Article I.  Incorporation, Powers and Territory
   Sec. 1.   Corporate name and status
   Sec. 2.   Enumerated powers not exclusive
   Sec. 3.   Boundaries of city
Article II.  Governing Body
   Sec. 1.   The City Council; term of office
   Sec. 2.   Qualifications for City Council
   Sec. 3.   Election of Mayor
   Sec. 4.   Vacancies
   Sec. 5.   Salaries of Mayor and Council members
   Sec. 6.   Failure to attend meetings
Article III.  Procedures of the Council; Legislation
   Sec. 1.   Meetings of the City Council
   Sec. 2.   Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem
   Sec. 3.   City Secretary
   Sec. 4.   Quorum
   Sec. 5.   Introduction and passage of ordinances and resolutions
   Sec. 6.   When ordinances and resolutions shall take effect
   Sec. 7.   Resolutions
Article IV.  Nominations and Elections
   Sec. 1.   Municipal elections
   Sec. 2.   Council rules
   Sec. 3.   Nominations
   Sec. 4.   Ballots
   Sec. 5.   Election of Council
   Sec. 6.   Laws governing city elections
Article V.  Legal Department
   Sec. 1.   City attorney; qualifications
   Sec. 2.   Duties of City Attorney
Article VI.  Municipal Court
   Sec. 1.   Creation and jurisdiction
   Sec. 2.   Appointment of Municipal Judge
   Sec. 3.   Duties of Municipal Judge
   Sec. 4.   Absence of Municipal Judge
   Sec. 5.   Clerk of Court
   Sec. 6.   Divisions of court
   Sec. 7.   Administration
Article VII.  Finance and Administration
   Sec. 1.   Director of Finance and Administration
   Sec. 2.   Fiscal year
   Sec. 3.   City budget
   Sec. 4.   Filing of budget
   Sec. 5.   Budget hearing
   Sec. 6.   Transfer of appropriations
   Sec. 7.   Money to be withdrawn from treasury in accordance with appropriations
   Sec. 8.   Contracts and purchases
   Sec. 9.   Custody of city monies
   Sec. 10.   Issuance of bonds
   Sec. 11.   Loans in anticipation of bond sales
   Sec. 12.   Temporary borrowing
   Sec. 13.   Annual audit
Article VIII.  Fire Department
   Sec. 1.   The Fire Chief
Article IX.  Police Department
   Sec. 1.   The Police Chief
Article X.  City Planning Board
   Sec. 1.   Establishment, membership, duties, terms
Article XI.  Taxation
   Sec. 1.   Power to tax
Article XII.  Public Utilities and Franchises
   Sec. 1.   Powers of the city
   Sec. 2.   Franchises; powers of City Council
   Sec. 3.   Term of franchise
   Sec. 4.   Right of regulation
   Sec. 5.   Consent of property owners
   Sec. 6.   Revocable permits
   Sec. 7.   Extensions
   Sec. 8.   Other conditions
   Sec. 9.   Franchise records
   Sec. 10.   Accounts of municipally owned utilities
   Sec. 11.   Public utilities
   Sec. 12.   Street rental
Article XIII.  Miscellaneous Provisions
   Sec. 1.   Public records
   Sec. 2.   Personal interest
   Sec. 3.   Compensation and benefits for officers and employees
   Sec. 4.   Official bonds
   Sec. 5.   Oath of office
   Sec. 6.   Nepotism
   Sec. 7.   Damage suits
   Sec. 8.   Right of eminent domain
   Sec. 9.   Execution, garnishment, and assignments
   Sec. 10.   Words, meaning of
   Sec. 11.   Saving clause, etc.
   Sec. 12.   Ordinances continued in force
   Sec. 13.   Power to construct and own
   Sec. 14.   Amending the Charter
   Sec. 15.   Meetings of boards, committees and commissions
   Sec. 16.   Enumerated powers not exclusive
   Sec. 17.   Submission of Original Charter to electors