The municipal judge shall have full power and authority to enforce all process of said court, to punish witnesses for failing to obey subpoenas and to compel their attendance by process of attachment, and to punish all contempt of the municipal judge's court by fine or imprisonment or both. The municipal judge may require of all persons arrested for offenses committed in the city a bond or bonds for his/her appearance before said court, and no such bonds shall be taken except it be executed by the person in whose behalf it is made with two or more good and sufficient sureties to be approved by the municipal judge, and all bonds taken in proceedings in said court shall be payable to the City of Wake Village. The municipal judge shall have the power and authority to administer official oaths and affirmations and to give certificates thereof, and either the municipal judge or clerk of said court shall have full power and authority to issue subpoenas, writs of capias, search warrants, executions and all other processes known to the law which justice courts are by law authorized to issue in similar cases.