There is hereby created and established a court to be held in the City of Wake Village which shall be known as the municipal court of the City of Wake Village, which court shall have jurisdiction within the territorial limits of said city of all criminal cases arising under the ordinances of such city, and shall have concurrent jurisdiction with the justices of the peace of the precincts in which the city is or may be situated of all criminal cases arising under the criminal laws of the state, where the offense is committed within the territorial limits of said city and the punishment is by fine only and the maximum of said fine shall not exceed that set by state law. Said court shall have no civil jurisdiction except for the forfeiture and collection of bonds given in proceedings pending therein. Said court shall have jurisdiction in cases where the person is required by the provisions of this Charter, or by ordinance passed in pursuant thereof, to obtain a permit or license for any calling, occupation, business, or vocation, upon complaint to said court to adjudge said person guilty of violating any rule, regulation, or ordinance of the city in relation thereto, and in addition to the punishment to be imposed therefore may suspend or revoke the license or permit so granted.