The city shall have the right to construct, reconstruct, erect, improve, enlarge, extend, own, maintain, operate, and regulate such waterworks plants and systems, sanitary sewer plants and systems, and storm sewer plants and systems for the use of the city and its inhabitants, but shall not have the power or right to sell any such plants or systems unless such sale is first authorized by a majority vote of the qualified voters of the city at an election called by the city council for that purpose. The city council shall have the power to prescribe rates for water furnished, prescribe rates for connections to any such plants and systems, to prescribe rates for the use of such sewers, prescribe penalties for refusal to connect with such sanitary sewers, provide that the water of any consumer may be cut off for failure or refusal to pay water or sewer charges, and to establish such rules and regulations with reference thereto as the city council may deem expedient; to acquire by purchase or donation suitable grounds on which to erect such works and systems and necessary rights-of-way; and to do anything whatsoever necessary to construct, operate and maintain same.