The City Council shall provide for a public hearing each year on such budget on some date to be fixed by the Mayor at the beginning of the budget process. Public notice of the hour, date and place of the hearing shall be published in the official newspaper at least 72 hours prior to the date set for the public hearing, and any taxpayer of the city shall have the right to be present and participate in the public hearing. The City Council shall have the authority to make such changes in the budget as in its judgment the law warrants in the best interest of the taxpayers. When the budget has been finally approved by the City Council, the budget as so approved shall be filed with the City Secretary. The Mayor with the assistance of the City Administrator will oversee the expenditures of the budget. In case of grave public necessity, the Mayor shall request the City Council to amend the budget allowing emergency expenditures to meet unusual and unforeseen conditions which could not by reasonably diligent thought and attention have been included in the original budget. In all cases where such an amendment to the original budget is made, a copy of the order or resolution of the City Council amendment of the budget shall be filed with the City Secretary and attached to the budget originally adopted. Immediately after the adoption of the said budget and all amendments thereto, the Mayor shall file or cause to be filed a true copy of said approved budget and all amendments thereto in the office of the County Clerk of Bowie County, Texas. In the preparation of the budget the City Administrator shall have the authority to require heads of all city departments to furnish such information as may be necessary for the Mayor to have in order that the budget covering the expenditures of the city may be properly prepared.