It shall be the city attorney's duty to:
   (1)   Perform all services incident to the department of law;
   (2)   Attend meetings of the council whenever requested by the mayor and/or city council to do so;
   (3)   Give advice in writing when so requested by the mayor or city council;
   (4)   Prosecute or defend as the case may be all suits or cases to which the city may be a party;
   (5)   Prosecute all offenses against the ordinances of the city and such offences against the laws of the state as may be required by law;
   (6)   Prepare all contracts and other instruments in writing in which the city is concerned, or endorse approval of the form and correctness thereof; and
   (7)   Perform such other duties of a legal nature as the council may by ordinance require.
   In addition to the duties imposed upon the city attorney by this charter as required by ordinance or resolution of the city council, the city attorney shall perform any duties imposed by law upon the chief legal office of municipalities.
   The city council shall be authorized to employ special council in important legal matters or to represent the city in any legal matter in which the city attorney is disqualified. Any special council appointed by the city attorney shall be subject to the confirmation of the city council in advance of any such appointment.
   Administratively, the city attorney shall report to the mayor.