General Provisions
   52.001   General authority over use and maintenance of water system
   52.002   Compliance with subchapter provisions; discontinuance of service for noncompliance
   52.003   Notice and hearing for violations
   52.004   Application to persons outside of city
   52.005   Right of entry for inspections
   52.006   Complaints regarding water system
   52.007   Defective equipment to be corrected by owner; correction by city
   52.008   Electric ground wires prohibited
   52.009   Requests to shut off or turn on water; fee
   52.010   Right of city to shut off water for repairs and the like; procedure
   52.011   Curb cocks and similar devices prohibited
   52.012   Interfering with water system
   52.013   Installation of line from main to meter; responsibility for repairs; inspections; liability
   52.014   When extensions of mains and improvements are to be paid by users
   52.015   Specifications for mains, valves and the like
   52.016   Size of water lines
   52.017   Ownership, maintenance of fire hydrants and the like; liability; use
   52.018   Industrial users to be restricted to supply to reserve tanks
   52.019   Use of groundwater as a potable water supply prohibited
   52.030   Purposes of subchapter
   52.031   Definitions
   52.032   Water systems
   52.033   Surveys and investigations
   52.034   Rules and regulations
   52.035   Offenses
   52.036   Remedies of the city and penalties for violation
   52.050   Application
   52.051   Installation order; installation; return of order
   52.052   Records to be kept
   52.053   Cost
   52.054   Separate connections
   52.055   Nonpayment of charges
   52.056   Standards adopted
Rates and Meters
   52.070   Meters required
   52.071   Accessibility of meters
   52.072   Meter installation required prior to water service
   52.073   Meters and other equipment to be open to inspection
   52.074   Remote readers; when required; discontinuance of service
   52.075   Meter reading conclusive; exception for defective meters
   52.076   Test of meters
   52.077   Separate meters required; exception
   52.078   Mobile home parks
   52.079   Meters damaged by consumer
   52.080   Deposits
   52.081   Rates
   52.082   Billing periods
   52.083   Duty of city to install and read meters; use as basis for billing
   52.084   Failure to pay bill
   52.085   Service charges on delinquent accounts
   52.086   Returned checks
   52.120   Definition
   52.121   Provisions, charges cumulative
   52.122   Availability of water condition to permitting connection
Private Fire Protection Equipment
   52.135   Map to be furnished to city prior to installation
   52.136   Approval by city
   52.137   Disclaimer of liability
   52.138   Use restricted to owners or consumers
   52.139   Restrictions on use of equipment
   52.140   Tests and inspections; remedial action
   52.141   Gate valves
   52.142   Fire District connections
   52.999   Penalty
   Fee schedule, see Ch. 37, App. A
   Plumbing, see also § 151.130
   Pollution of water declared a nuisance, see § 131.15