General Provisions
   154.001   Short title
   154.002   Purpose
   154.003   Scope of regulations
   154.004   Separability
   154.005   General prohibitions
   154.006   Official zoning map
   154.007   Annual zoning map update
   154.008   Zoning map interpretation
   154.009   Definitions
Use Regulations
   154.020   Purpose
   154.021   Establishment of districts
   154.022   Classification of annexed land
   154.023   General guidelines for zoning district designations
   154.024   Uses permitted by right, provisional uses, special uses
Principal, Accessory, and Temporary Uses
   154.035   Definitions
   154.036   Restrictions
   154.037   Rules of interpretation
   154.038   Accessory use defined
   154.039   Standards for accessory uses
   154.040   Requirements for home occupations
   154.041   Requirements for automatic teller machines
   154.042   Temporary uses defined
   154.043   Temporary use standards
   154.044   Principal uses
   154.055   Agriculture District AG-1
   154.056   Residential Suburban District RS
   154.057   Residential District R-1
   154.058   Residential District R-2
   154.059   Residential District R-3
   154.060   Residential District R-4
   154.061   Residential District R-5
   154.062   Central Business Commercial District CB
   154.063   Commercial Neighborhood District CN
   154.064   Industrial District I-1
   154.065   Public Lands District PL
Development Standards
   154.080   General
   154.081   Lot requirements
   154.082   Yards and setback requirements
   154.083   Special yard requirements for certain lots of record
   154.084   Floor area ratio, open space ratio, open space between buildings
   154.085   Maximum height
   154.086   Projections, encroachments, and accessory buildings in yards
Provisional and Special Uses
   154.100   General
   154.101   Procedures for provisional uses
   154.102   Procedures for special uses
   154.103   Standards for specific special uses
   154.104   Special procedures and standards for the R-5 District
Design Standards in the R-5 District
   154.115   Mobile (manufactured) home individual sites
   154.116   Service buildings and accessory uses
   154.117   Size, density, and setbacks
   154.118   Recreational open space, landscaping, and screening
   154.119   Waste disposal
   154.120   Streets, parking, and lighting standards
   154.121   Utilities
Standards for Specific Provisional Uses
   154.135   General
   154.136   Standards for accessory apartments in AG-1, RS, R-1, and R-2 Districts
   154.137   Standards for accessory offices in RS, R-1, and R-2 Districts
   154.138   Standards for non-commercial antennas, satellite dishes, and towers
   154.139   Standards for automobile salvage yards in the I-1 District
   154.140   Standards for bed and breakfasts homestays
   154.141   Standards for day care centers
   154.142   Standards for financial institutions in the CN and I-1 Districts
   154.143   Standards for hospitals in the AG-1 and Residential Districts
   154.144   Standards for residential care facilities in the AG-1, R-3, and R-4 Districts
   154.145   Standards for stadiums, arenas, and outdoor assembly facilities
   154.146   Standards for taverns and bars in the CN District
   154.147   Standards for recycling centers and waste haulers
   154.148   Standards for mini-marts and services stations in the CN District
   154.149   Requirements for adult entertainment uses
   154.150   Requirements for community living facilities
   154.151   Requirements for livestock sales facilities and stockyards in the AG-1 and I-1 Districts
   154.152   Requirements for animal clinics, kennels, and veterinary hospitals
Planned Unit Developments
   154.165   General
   154.166   Approval process
   154.167   Post approval process
   154.168   Planned development standards
   154.169   Application checklist for planned developments
   154.170   Specifications for required plans and drawings
Planned Development Design Guidelines
   154.185   Site plan guidelines
   154.186   Traffic and circulation
   154.187   Architectural quality
   154.188   Environmental guidelines
   154.189   Open space guidelines
   154.190   Privacy/security guidelines
   154.191   Landscaping and screening guidelines
Parking, Loading, and Access Drives
   154.205   General
   154.206   Limitations and restrictions on parking areas
   154.207   Parking design standards
   154.208   Required number of spaces
   154.209   Loading
   154.210   Access drives
   154.211   Required number of parking spaces by use
   154.225   General
   154.226   Definitions
   154.227   Limitations on signs
   154.228   Signs permitted in all districts without a permit
   154.229   Administration and enforcement
   154.230   Sign regulations by district
Landscaping and Screening
   154.245   General
   154.246   Screening between different land uses
   154.247   Parking lot landscaping and utilitarian areas
   154.248   Exceptions
   154.249   Design standards
Supplementary Regulations
   154.260   Purpose
   154.261   Development adjacent to watercourses and waterbodies
   154.262   Regulations regarding groundwater protection
   154.263   Regulations regarding private sewage disposal
   154.264   Erosion control, floodplain, and stormwater management
   154.265   Lighting
   154.280   General
   154.281   Application of nonconforming provisions
   154.282   Rules for specific types of nonconformities
   154.283   Provisions for existing residences in R-1, R-2, and R-3 Districts
   154.284   Administration
Administration and Enforcement
   154.295   General
   154.296   Violations
   154.297   Enforcement
   154.298   Fees
Zoning Review and Permits
   154.310   Building permits
   154.311   Occupancy permits
   154.312   Other permits
   154.313   Determination
   154.314   Limitations of approval
Zoning Board of Appeals
   154.325   Composition
   154.326   Authority
   154.327   General
   154.328   Zoning duties
   154.329   Powers
   154.330   Procedures
Amendments and Hearings
   154.345   General
   154.346   Application and notice
   154.347   Hearings and decisions
   154.348   Interim development
   154.999   Penalty.
   Appendix A: Forms
   Appendix B: Drawings