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(Added by Ord No. 125,030, Eff. 8/15/63.)
19.00   Filing of Applications and Appeals.
19.01   Filing Fee - Applications and Appeals.
19.02   Filing Fees - Division of Land and Private Street Maps and Appeals.
19.03   Fees for General Plan Consistency.
19.04   Fees for Sign-off or Clearance Requests.
19.05   Filing Fees for Environmental Clearances.
19.06   Filing Fees for Coastal Development Permits.
19.07   Fees for Flood Hazard Reports and Compliance Checks.
19.08   Surcharge for Development Services Centers.
19.09   Project Development and Counseling Services.
19.10   Development Agreement Fees.
19.11   Annual Inspection of Compliance with Floor Area Ratio Averaging and Residential Density Transfer Covenants.
19.12   Deviations Pursuant to Section 16.03 E.
19.13   Surcharge for Automated Systems for the Department of City Planning.
19.14   Fees for Enforcement of Housing Covenants.
19.15   Department of Transportation Traffic Study Review, Condition Clearance and Permit Issuance Fees.
19.16   General Plan Maintenance Surcharge for the Department of City Planning.
19.17   Park Fee.
19.18   Affordable Housing Linkage Fee.
19.19   Westside Mobility Transportation Fees.