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   (Added by Ord. No. 184,168, Eff. 4/5/16.)
   A.   Notwithstanding any provisions of this article to the contrary, during the period not totaling more than 90 days from the effective date of this ordinance, a shelter for the homeless may be established and operated in any zone of the City without regard to the number of beds or number of persons served, if the shelter is located on property owned or leased by the provider and complies with the "Cold/Wet Weather Temporary Shelter" requirements promulgated by the Los Angeles Fire Department's Fire Prevention and Public Safety Bureau.  If the lot on which any such shelter is located does not have sufficient area to provide the number of parking spaces required by Section 12.21 A.4.(w) of this Code, then the number of spaces required shall be the number for which adequate area exists.  If insufficient area for any parking spaces exists on the lot, no spaces shall be required.
   B.   For the purposes of this section only, a shelter for the homeless means a facility operated by a "provider", other than a "community care facility" as defined in the California Health and Safety Code Section 1502, which provides temporary accommodations to homeless persons and/or families and which meets the state's standards for shelters.  The term "temporary accommodations" means that a homeless person or family will be allowed to reside at the shelter for a time period not to exceed 90 days from the effective date of this ordinance.  For the purpose of this section, a "provider" shall mean a government agency, religious institution, non-profit charitable organization or private non-profit organization which provides, or contracts with recognized community organizations to provide, emergency or temporary shelter for the homeless, and which meets all applicable state health and safety requirements.  Unreinforced masonry and/or non-ductile concrete buildings shall not be used as shelters for the homeless.