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   (Added by Ord. No. 159,532, Eff. 1/3/85.)
   The following regulations shall apply in the RZ Residential Zero Side Yard Zone.
   A.   Purpose. The regulations set forth in this section are to provide for a 0-foot side yard, single–family residential zone.
   B.   Use. No building, structure or land shall be used and no building or structure shall be erected, structurally altered, enlarged, or maintained, except for the following uses, and, when a “Supplemental Use District” is created by the provisions of Article 3 of this chapter, for such uses as may be permitted therein:
   1.   Dwellings constructed across not more than five contiguous lots with no more than one dwelling unit on each lot, provided that:
   a.   The dwelling unit on each lot shall be structurally separated from the dwelling unit on the adjacent lot, provided, however, that footings slab foundations, roof sheathing, roofing and exterior wall coverings may cross the lot lines. Adjacent dwelling units shall be separated by walls which comply with the provisions of the exception of Section 91.0502(h)2A of this Code and which extend from the slab foundation to the roof sheathing. Common footings on the lot lines shall underlie and support said walls between dwelling units.
   b.   Electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning and sewer systems for each dwelling unit shall be separate and independent of such system for each other dwelling unit.
   c.   Prior to the issuance of any building permit for such development, the owner or owners shall execute and record a declaration of covenants, conditions and servitudes in a form designed to run with the land and satisfactory to the City Attorney, binding themselves and all future owners and inuring to their mutual benefit and that of the City of Los Angeles. The declaration shall contain provisions:
   (1)   That the owners of all lots on which such building is located shall be jointly and severally responsible for the maintenance and repair of the building’s footings, slab foundations, roof sheathing, roofing, common walls, exterior walls and any other common portion of the building;
   (2)   That the costs for such maintenance and repair shall be shared equitably by the owners of the lots on which the building is located;
   (3)   Providing the manner in which decisions concerning such maintenance and repair and their payment shall be decided;
   (4)   That the owners of each such lot shall have a right of access to each others lot for the purpose of affecting such maintenance and repair; and
   (5)   Providing for the rights of individual lot owners concerning the demolition or modification of any portion of the building, including a provision that no common element be modified without the consent of all affected lot owners.
   Said declaration may provide for the establishment of an association of property owners to administer the provisions of the declaration, and, if so, shall provide for its organization and government as well as for the assessment of lot owners to provide for the costs of maintenance, repair and administration.
   A Copy of such declaration shall be delivered to the Department of Building and Safety prior to the issuance of a building permit, and copies shall be delivered to any prospective owner of a lot prior to the sale of that lot.
   2.   One–Family Dwellings.
   3.   Parks, playgrounds or community centers owned and operated by governmental agency.
   4.   Accessory buildings, including private garages and recreation rooms For location of accessory buildings, refer to Sections 12.21C and 12.22C.
   5.   Conditional uses enumerated in Section 12.24 when the location is approved pursuant to the provisions of said section.
   6.   Accessory uses and home occupations, subject to the conditions specified in Section 12.05A16 of this Code. (Amended by Ord. No. 171,427, Eff. 1/4/97, Oper. 3/5/97.)
   7.   Name plates and signs, and required automobile parking spaces as provided for in Section 12.21A of this Code. (Added by Ord. No. 171,427, Eff. 1/4/97, Oper. 3/5/97.)
   C.   Area. No building or structure shall be erected or maintained, nor shall any building or structure be enlarged, unless the following yards and lot areas are provided and maintained in connection with such building, structure, or enlargement:
   1.   Front Yard. There shall be a front yard of not less than ten feet in depth. The provisions of Section 12.22C4, 5 and 8 of this Code, permitting reduced front yards, shall not apply.
   2.   Side Yard. (Amended by Ord. No. 162,133, Eff. 5/9/87.)
   a.   Except as exempted by Paragraph b or Paragraph c of this subdivision, there shall be a side yard of not less than three feet in width on each side of a main building of not more than two stories. For a building more than two stories in height, one foot shall be added to the width of such side yard for each story above the second story.
   b.   No side yard shall be required along any lot line across which line a dwelling is constructed in accordance with Section 12.08.3B1 of this Code.
   c.   No side yard shall be required on one side of each lot developed with a detached one–family dwelling, provided that any of the following requirements are met:
   (1)   The remaining side yard shall be increased to not less than double the width otherwise required.
   (2)   Buildings or structures shall be so located that the zero foot side yard on one lot adjoins the increased side yard on the adjoining lot.
   (3)   Prior to the issuance of any building permit for a dwelling where a side yard is eliminated on one side of the lot and the remaining side yard is increased to not less than double that otherwise required pursuant to this section, the owner or owners of that lot shall obtain from the owner or owners of the lot abutting the zero-foot side yard an easement granting the right of ingress and egress for maintenance purposes The easement shall have a minimum width of three feet and shall be located along the lot line adjacent to the zero-foot side yard. The easement shall be recorded in the Office of the County Recorder of Los Angeles County, and a copy indicating recordation shall be submitted to the Department of Building and Safety prior to the issuance of a building permit.
   (4)   Exterior wall openings shall not be permitted on the side of any building or structure on a lot line, and there shall be compliance with all requirements of Chapter IX, Article 1 of this Code.
   (5)   Accessory buildings or structures shall not be permitted in the increased side yard, notwithstanding any other provisions of this article.
   (6)   Reduced side yards shall only be permitted on a lot which is adjacent to a lot developed with a zero-foot side yard; no reduced side yard may be located adjacent to a street, alley or walkway.
   3.   Rear Yard.
   a.   Except as exempted by Paragraph b of this subdivision there shall be a rear yard of not less than 15 feet in depth.
   b.   No rear yard shall be required along any lot line across which line a dwelling is constructed in accordance with Section 12.08.3B1 of this Code.
   4.   If a lot is developed without a rear yard, the area of the front yard and/or any side yards shall be increased so that the total increase in the combined areas of the front yard and any side yards shall equal 110% of the area which would otherwise have been contained in a rear yard.
   5.   Lot Area.
   a.   Every lot with a driveway on the frontage shall have a minimum lot width and frontage of 30 feet; provided, however, that for flag lots and lots on cul–de–sacs and curved streets, the minimum frontage and lot width within the front yard setback may be not less than 20 feet. Every lot without a driveway on the frontage shall have a minimum lot width and frontage of 25 feet.
   b.   Every lot classified in the RZ Zone shall be designated on the Zone Map according to the area of the lot. Lots may be designated as: RZ2.5 (2,500 square feet), RZ3 (3,000 square feet), or RZ4 (4,000 square feet). Every lot shall have the minimum lot area so designated. (Amended by Ord. No. 162,133, Eff. 5/9/87.)
   c.   Exceptions to area regulations are provided for in Section 12.22 C of this Code.
   D.   Restriction. (Amended by Ord. No. 173,268, Eff. 7/1/00, Oper. 7/1/00.) For any lot designated as Public, Quasi-Public, Public/Quasi-Public Use, Other Public, or Open Space on the land use map of the applicable community or district plan; any lot shown on the map as having existing lakes, waterways, reservoirs, debris basins, or similar facilities; any lot shown on the map as the location of a freeway right-of-way; and any property annexed to the City of Los Angeles where a plan amendment was not adopted as part of the annexation proceedings:
   Any of the uses permitted by Subsection B of this section shall require prior approval in accordance with the provisions of Section 12.24.1 of this Code.