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   (Added by Ord. No. 164,904, Eff. 7/6/89.)
   The following regulations shall apply in the “RMP” Mobilehome Park Zone:
   A.   Purpose. It is the purpose of the “RMP” Mobilehome Park Zone to encourage the provision of affordable housing in the City as provided in the Housing Element of the General Plan, by permitting both the retention and expansion of existing mobilehome parks and the establishment of new mobilehome parks. It is also the purpose of this ordinance to encourage the maintenance of the property for residential uses by allowing land zoned RMP to be used for single family dwellings. Because of the usual location of these lots in areas with industrial and manufacturing uses, the preservation of the property for single family residential use may require the variation from some of the standard housing requirements necessary or desirable in the rest of the City. Accordingly, the large lot minimum yard area requirements are necessary to ensure compatibility between single family residential uses and possible surrounding nonresidential uses.
   B.   Use. No building, structure or land shall be used and no building or structure shall be erected, moved onto the site, structurally altered, enlarged or maintained, except for such uses as may be permitted therein:
   1.   Mobilehome parks.
   2.   One-family dwellings.
   3.   Parks, playgrounds or community centers, owned and operated by a governmental agency.
   4.   Truck gardening; the keeping of equines, poultry, rabbits and chinchillas, in conjunction with the residential use of the lot, provided that such animal keeping is not for commercial purposes. (Amended by Ord. No. 181,188, Eff. 7/18/10.)
   5.   (Deleted by Ord. No. 171,687, Eff. 8/19/97.)
   6.   Accessory buildings or structures, including private garages, accessory living quarters, servants quarters, recreation rooms, private stables, recreation centers, laundry rooms, greenhouses, bathhouses, storage buildings, enclosed trash areas and mobilehome park manager’s residence (which structure may be a one–family dwelling on permanent foundation). However, such structures may not exceed two stories in height. For the location of accessory buildings, refer to Sections 12.21C and 12.22C.
   7.   Conditional uses enumerated in Section 12.24 when the location is approved pursuant to the provisions of said section.
   8.   Accessory uses and home occupations, subject to the conditions specified in Section 12.05A16 of this Code. (Amended by Ord. No. 171,427, Eff. 1/4/97, Oper. 3/5/97.)
   9.   Name plates and signs as provided for in Section 12.21 A of this Code. (Amended by Ord. No. 171,427, Eff. 1/4/97, Oper. 3/5/97.)
   C.   Area. No building or structure nor the enlargement of a building or structure shall be hereafter erected or maintained unless the following yards and lot areas are provided and maintained in connection with such building, structure, or enlargement.
   1.   Front yard – For one–family dwellings, there shall be a front yard of not less than 20 percent of the depth of the lot, but such front yard need not exceed 25 feet.
   2.   Side yards – For one–family dwellings, there shall be a side yard on each side of a main building of not less than 10 feet.
   3.   Rear Yard – For one–family dwellings, there shall be a rear yard of not less than 25 percent of the depth of the lot, but such rear yard need not exceed 25 feet.
   4.   Lot Area – Every lot used for a one–family dwelling shall have a width of 80 feet and a minimum area of 20,000 square feet.
   The above area requirements shall not apply to mobilehomes parks or mobilehomes located within mobilehome parks. Mobilehome parks are subject to the yard and area requirements of Title 25 of the California Administrative Code. Further exceptions to area regulations are provided for in Section 12.22 C.