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   (Amended by Ord. No. 186,339, Eff. 10/23/19.)
   A.   Notwithstanding any provisions of this article to the contrary, during any period for which the Mayor and/or the City Council have declared a shelter crisis within the meaning of Government Code Sections 8698, et seq., a shelter for the homeless (as defined in Section 12.03 of this Code) may be established and operated in the R3, RAS3, R4, RAS4, R5, C2, C4, C5, CM, M1, M2, and M3 zones without regard to the number of beds or number of persons served, if the shelter is operated by a religious institution or a non-profit, charitable organization and the shelter is located on property owned or leased by that institution or organization.  If the lot on which any such shelter is located does not have sufficient area to provide the number of parking spaces required by Section 12.21 A.4.(w) of this Code, then the number of spaces required shall be the number for which adequate area exists.  If insufficient area for any parking spaces exists on the lot, no spaces shall be required.  Unreinforced masonry and/or non-ductile concrete buildings shall not be used as shelters for the homeless.
   B.   Requirements.
   1.   Providers shall register with the City of Los Angeles by submitting "Cold/Wet Weather Temporary Shelter Application" online via the City's website (; and
   2.   Providers shall comply with the "Cold/Wet Weather Temporary Shelter" requirements promulgated by the Los Angeles Fire Department's Fire Prevention and Public Safety Bureau; and
   3.   Providers shall provide written notification to the owners of properties abutting the subject property, as well as to any school located within 500 feet of the subject property, prior to operating a shelter for the homeless on the subject property.
   4.   Providers shall comply with all local, state, and federal requirements that apply to the permitted use of their property while operating a shelter for the homeless pursuant to this section.