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   The following regulations apply in the “A2” Agricultural Zone:
   A.   Use. No building, structure or land shall be used and no building or structure shall be erected, structurally altered, enlarged, or maintained, except for the following uses, and, when a “Supplemental Use District” is created by the provisions of Article 3 of this chapter, for such uses as may be permitted therein.
   1.   Any use permitted in the “A1” Zone, provided that all such uses, except those specified in Paragraph 2 below, shall conform to all the regulations of said Zone.
   2.   Any of the following uses, which need conform only to the regulations of this section:
   (a)   One–family dwellings.
   (b)   (None)
   (c)   (None)
   (d)   Parks, playgrounds or community centers, owned and operated by a governmental agency.
   (e)   Golf courses, except driving tees or ranges, miniature and pitch and putt courses having an average fairway length per hole of less than 125 yards, courses illuminated for nighttime play and similar uses operated for commercial purposes. (Amended by Ord. No. 123,664, Eff. 3/10/63.)
   (f)   Farming, nurseries, aviaries, and apiaries. (Amended by Ord. No. 181,188, Eff. 7/18/10.)
   (g)   (Amended by Ord. No. 158,156, Eff. 8/22/83.) The keeping of equines, bovines, goats or other domestic livestock (other than swine), poultry, fowl, rabbits, fish or frogs, chinchillas and other small animals, in conjunction with the residential use of the lot provided:
   (1)   That these activities are not for commercial purposes, except that a maximum of two currently licensed equines not owned by the resident of the involved property may be boarded (for which monetary compensation may be paid) or kept on the property as an accessory use, and except that chickens, rabbits and chinchillas may be kept for commercial purposes on lots of five acres or more. (Amended by Ord. No. 161,352, Eff. 7/20/86.)
   (2)   The keeping of equines, bovines, goats or other domestic livestock (other than swine) shall be permitted only on lots having an area of 17,500 square feet or more. Where equines and/or bovines are being kept, the number kept shall not exceed one equine or bovine for each 4,000 square feet of lot area. (Amended by Ord. No. 159,341, Eff. 10/11/84.)
   (h)   (Amended by Ord. No. 122,543, Eff. 9/2/62.) Accessory buildings, including a private garage, accessory living quarters, servant’s quarters, recreation room, greenhouse, lathhouse, stable, barn, corral, pen, coop, building or room for packing products raised on the premises or other similar structure. Accessory living quarters, servant’s quarters, recreation room and private garage, or any combination of such uses may be included in one building not exceeding two stories in height.
   For location of accessory buildings, refer to Sec. 12.21C and Sec. 12.22C.
   (i)   Accessory uses and home occupations, subject to the conditions specified in Section 12.05 A 16 of this Code. (Amended by Ord. No. 171,427, Eff. 1/4/97, Oper. 3/5/97.)
   (j)   Name plates and signs as provided for in Sec. 12.21A7.
   B.   Restriction. (Amended by Ord. No. 173,268, Eff. 7/1/00, Oper. 7/1/00.) For any lot designated as Public, Quasi-Public, Public/Quasi-Public Use, Other Public, or Open Space on the land use map of the applicable community or district plan; any lot shown on the map as having existing lakes, waterways, reservoirs, debris basins, or similar facilities; any lot shown on the map as the location of a freeway right-of-way; and any property annexed to the City of Los Angeles where a plan amendment was not adopted as part of the annexation proceedings:
   Any of the uses permitted by Subsection A of this section shall require prior approval in accordance with the provisions of Section 12.24.1 of this Code.
   C.   Area. No building or structure nor the enlargement of any building or structure shall be hereafter erected or maintained unless the following yards and lot areas are provided and maintained in connection with such building, structure or enlargement:
   1.   Yards – Front, side and rear, same as required in “A1” Zone — Sec. 12.05C.
   2.   Lot Area  (Amended by Ord. No. 123,664, Eff. 3/10/63.) Every lot, farm or other parcel of land shall have a minimum average width of 150 feet and a minimum area of two acres for all uses permitted in this section, except as otherwise required in Subsection A of this section. The lot area per dwelling unit shall not be less than one acre, and in no case shall more than two dwellings be permitted on any one lot.
   In no case shall a farm or other parcel of land be reduced to less than two acres. Provided, that where a lot has less width or less area than herein required and was held under separate ownership or was of record at the time this article became effective, such lot may be occupied by any use permitted in this section, except for those uses requiring five or 20 acres, as set forth in Subsection A of this section.
   Exceptions to area regulations are provided for in Section 12.22C.