General Provisions
   30.01   Councilmanic districts
   30.02   Election of President, Vice-President, term
   30.03   Standing committees
   30.04   Copies of minutes, agendas and other writings to be provided to Council
   30.05   City radio provided to each Council person
   30.06   Police officer to be present at Council meetings
   30.07   Restrictions of cellular phones during Council meetings
   30.08   Payment for Council cell phones prohibited
   30.09   Procedure for renaming streets and neighborhoods
Rules of Procedure
   30.20   Robert’s Rules of Order
   30.21   Time of regular meetings; adjournment
   30.22   Special and emergency meetings
   30.23   Roll call
   30.24   Quorum
   30.25   Order of business; suspension of order
   30.26   Temporary chairperson
   30.27   Mayor may speak, debate
   30.28   Authority to address Council
   30.29   Display of signs, posters and the like
   30.30   Members present required to vote
   30.31   Amendment of rules
   30.32   Public meetings simultaneous with committee meetings
   30.33   Opening prayer
Ordinances and Resolutions
   30.45   Sponsor to be designated in ordinance or resolution
   30.46   Appropriation or transfer of funds ordinance
   30.47   Reading and passage
   30.48   Vote on final passage
   30.49   City Clerk to publish and file
   30.50   Copy of penal ordinances to be delivered to Police Chief
   30.51   Debate
   30.52   Actions reported out of committee
   30.53   Council offices
   30.54   Ordinances and resolutions in committee for more than 1 year
Statutory reference:
   City legislative body, see I.C. 36-4-6-1 et seq.