General Provisions
   31.001   Composition of Council
   31.002   Eligibility for Mayor and Council members
   31.003   Tenure
   31.004   Oath of office
   31.005   Compensation frequency of Mayor and Council members
   31.020   Chief Executive Officer
   31.021   Investigation of city books, papers and records
   31.022   Devolution of powers and duties; generally
   31.023   Suppression of riots and preservation of good order
Powers and Duties
   31.035   Legislative power; determination of policy
   31.036   Enactment of ordinances
   31.037   Police power
   31.038   Establishment of offices
   31.039   General health and welfare
   31.040   Adoption of the budget
   31.041   Authorization of issuance of bonds
   31.042   To secure an independent audit
   31.043   Power to investigate; subpoena witness
   31.044   Power to hold in contempt; disruptive actions
   31.045   Appeal from administrative rules and regulations
Meetings and Procedure
   31.060   Place, day and time of regular meeting; meetings open
   31.061   Special meetings
   31.062   Executive sessions
   31.063   Minutes
   31.064   Duty to attend; penalty for failure; electronic attendance
   31.065   Quorum, lack thereof; tie vote
   31.066   Presiding officer; duties generally
   31.067   Robert’s Rules of Order
   31.068   Order of proceedings
   31.069   Speaking by member; addressing Chair; respect
   31.070   Recognition of speaker
   31.071   Frequency
   31.072   Voting; members required to vote
   31.073   Explanation of vote; reasons may be recorded
   31.074   Interested member not to vote
   31.075   Reducing motions, resolutions and propositions to writing
   31.076   Citizens’ request to meet with Council
   31.077   Committees
   31.078   Committee reports generally; required; signing
   31.079   Approval or disapproval of proposals and recommendations
   31.080   Acts required to be done by ordinance
   31.081   Passage of ordinances; duty of Council; enforcement
   31.082   Form
   31.083   Introduction; readings
   31.084   Signing
   31.085   Effective date of ordinances
   31.086   Entering ordinances in book; indexing; proof of publication
   31.087   Notation in ordinance book of amending and repealing
   31.088   Tampering with ordinance books or minute books
   31.089   Appearance of citizens; public participation
   31.090   Agenda
   31.091   Meetings and public participation