(a)   The obstructions mentioned in this article are declared to be a public nuisance, and if the owner, agent or occupant shall neglect or fail to comply with the order of the Director of Public Works and Utilities or his or her designee and abate the same within the time specified in the notice required by this article to be given, it shall be the duty of the City Administrator to cause to be done and in that case, the cost and expense of removal of the obstructions, in which costs shall be included all items of the cost of abatement thereof, shall, when ordered by the City Council, be assessed by the Board of Special Assessors on each description of land, which shall be and remain a lien thereon until collected and paid as provided by this article.
   (b)   Upon completion of the removal or abatement of such obstruction, the City Administrator shall make a report to the City Council, setting forth therein the names of the owners, agents or occupant, with a description of the premises, together with an itemized statement verified by him or her showing the cost and expense of all labor and material used.
(Ord. 1119, passed 6-2-1953; Ord. 3046, passed 9-28-1987)