(a)   To initiate a proceeding for a blight violation, the City shall issue and serve upon an alleged violator a written violation notice on which an authorized local official records the occurrence or existence of 1 or more blight violations by the person cited and which directs the named person to pay a civil fine for the violation or appear at the Administrative Hearings Bureau as provided in this section. A violation notice to appear at an Administrative Hearings Bureau shall be treated as made under oath if the violation alleged in the notice occurred in the presence of the authorized local official signing the violation notice and if the notice contains the following statement immediately above the date and signature of the official: “I declare under the penalties of perjury that the statements above are true to the best of my information, knowledge, and belief”. An authorized local official may issue a violation notice to appear if, based upon the investigation, the official has reasonable cause to believe that the person is responsible for a blight violation and if the Chief Legal Officer or an Assistant City Attorney approves in writing the issuance of the violation notice.
   (b)   Any person authorized to issue a blight violation is also authorized to order the towing of abandoned vehicles.
(Ord. 3772, passed 6-28-2010; Ord. 3790, passed 2-14-2011)