Article 351:  Parking Generally
   351.01   Parking in alley
   351.02   Night parking on Main Street
   351.03   Repairing vehicles on streets
   351.04   Washing vehicles
   351.05   Cross parking
   351.06   Parking for advertisement
   351.07   Private no parking zones
   351.08   Parking of commercial and heavy vehicles
   351.09   [Reserved]
   351.10   Parking auto trailer on street overnight
   351.11   Fixed fines for certain parking violations
   351.12   Restricting parking on the Municipal Plaza Parking Lot
   351.13   Handicapped parking space specifications
   351.14   Parking permits on north side of Virginia Avenue
   351.15   Parking time limit
   351.16   Condition of parked vehicles
   351.17   Parking prohibited
   351.99   Penalty
Article 353:  Central Business District Courtesy Parking
   353.01   Establishment of courtesy parking zones
   353.02   Installation, maintenance and regulation
   353.03   Courtesy parking hours
   353.04   Method of parking; unlawful parking
   353.05   Citation tags; procedure for violations
   353.06   Fixed fine for overtime parking
   353.99   Penalty
Article 355.  Residential Disability Parking Spaces
   355.01   Purpose
   355.02   Definitions
   355.03   Exclusions
   355.04   Issuance process
   355.05   Required documentation
   355.06   Review criteria
   355.07   Applicability and term of issuance
Statutory reference:
   Authority to regulate parking, see W. V. Code § 17C-2-8(1)
   Lights on parked vehicles, see W. V. Code § 17C-15-15
   Park, stop, stopping, standing defined, see W. V. Code §§ 17C-1-52 - 17C-1-54
   Starting parked vehicle, see W. V. Code § 17C-2-8-(1)
   State law provisions concerning parking generally, see W. V. Code     Article 17C-13