Reg. 19-416.1. Speculative builders: Homeowner's bona fide nonbusiness sale of a family residence.
   (a)   A sale of a custom home, regardless of the stage of completion of such home shall be considered a "homeowner's bona fide nonbusiness sale" and not subject to the tax on speculative builders if:
   (1)   The property was actually used as the principal place of family residence or vacation residence by the immediate family of the seller for the six (6) months next prior to the offer for sale; and
   (2)   The seller has not sold more than two (2) such residences (or, if the residence is a vacation residence, two (2) such vacation residences) within the thirty-six (36) months immediately prior to the offer for sale; and
   (3)   The seller has not licensed, leased or rented the sold premises for any period within twenty-four (24) months prior to the offer for sale.
   (b)   In the event that a homeowner of a family residence contracts with a licensed construction contractor for improvements to a residence, the construction contracting on a family residence shall be presumed to be for an owner's bona fide nonbusiness purpose and all construction contractors shall be required to report and pay the tax imposed on all such improvements.
   (c)   Purchases by a homeowner of tangible personal property for inclusion in any construction, alteration or repair of his residence shall be subject to tax as retail sales to the ultimate consumer.
   (d)   "Owner" and "homeowner" as used in this regulation shall only mean an individual, and no other entity, association or representative shall qualify; except that an administrator, executor personal representative, or guardian in guardship or probate proceedings, for the estate of a deceased or incompetent person or a minor, may claim "homeowner" status for such person if such person would have otherwise qualified with respect to the specific property involved.
(Ord. No. 6674, § 3, 3-23-87; Ord. No. 8440, § 25, 1-23-95)