Reg. 19-450.4. Rental, leasing, and licensing for use of tangible personal property: Semi- permanently or permanently installed tangible personal property.
   (a)   The term "semi-permanently or permanently installed" means that the item of tangible personal property has and is expected to have at the time of installation a permanent location at the site installed, as under a long-term lease agreement, except that the person using or applying said property may eventually replace it because it has become worn out or has become obsolete or the person ceases to have the right to possession of the property.
   (b)   An item of tangible personal property is deemed permanently installed if its installation requires alterations to the premises.
   (c)   Examples of "semi-permanently or permanently installed tangible personal property" include but are not limited to computers, duplicating machines, furniture not of portable design, major appliances, store fixtures.
   (d)   The term does not include mobile transportation equipment or tangible personal property designed for regular use at different locations, as under numerous short-term rental, lease or license agreements, whether or not such property is in fact so used.
   (1)   For example, use of a mobile crane, trencher, automobile or other similar equipment shall be considered a rental, lease or license transaction subject to taxation only by the city or town in which such business office of the lessor is based.
   (2)   Other similar examples include but are not limited to camping equipment, contracting equipment, chain saw, forklift, household items, invalid needs, janitorial equipment, reducing equipment, furniture of portable design, trucks or trailers, tools, towbars, sump pumps, arc welders.
   (e)   A rental, lease or license agreement which specifies that the item in question shall remain, under the terms of the agreement, located within the same city or town for more than one hundred eighty (180) consecutive days shall be sufficient evidence that such rented, leased or licensed item is "permanently or semi-permanently installed" in the city or town, except when the item is mobile transportation equipment or one of the other types of portable equipment or property described in subsection (d) above.
(Ord. No. 6674, § 3, 3-23-87)