Reg. 19-100.5. Remediation contracting.
The following activities are considered remediation contracting and are exempt:
   (1)   Excavation, transportation, treatment, and/or disposal of contaminated soil for purposes of site remediation (rather than characterization);
   (2)   Installation of groundwater extraction and/or injection wells for purposes of groundwater remediation;
   (3)   Installation of pumps and piping into groundwater extraction wells for remediation purposes;
   (4)   Installation of vapor extraction wells for the purpose of soil or groundwater remediation;
   (5)   Construction of remediation systems, such as groundwater treatment plants, vapor extraction systems, or air injection systems;
   (6)   Connection of remediation systems to utilities;
   (7)   Abandonment of groundwater or vapor extraction wells;
   (8)   Removal/demolition of remediation systems;
   (9)   Capping/closure construction activities; and
   (10)   Service or handling charges for subcontracted remediation contracting activities.
(Ord. No. 9004, § 1(3), 1-5-98)
   Editors Note: Ordinance No. 8794, § 2, adopted January 6, 1997, repealed regulation 19-100.5 in its entirety. Formerly, such regulation pertained to remediation contracting and derived from Ord. No. 8793, § 2, 1-6-97. Subsequently, Ord. No. 9004, § 1, adopted January 5, 1998, added a new regulation to read as herein set out.