Reg. 19-270.1. Proprietary activities of municipalities are not considered activities of a governmental entity.
The following activities, when performed by a municipality, are considered to be activities of a person engaged in business for the purposes of this article, and not excludable by reason of section 19-270:
   (1)   Rental, leasing or licensing for use of real property to other than another department or agency of the municipality.
   (2)   Procuring, providing or furnishing electricity, electric lights, current, power, gas (natural or artificial), or water to consumers or ratepayers.
   (3)   Sale of tangible personal property to the public, when similar tangible personal property is available for sale by other persons, as, for example, at police or surplus auctions.
   (4)   Providing wastewater removal services to consumers or ratepayers by means of sewer lines or similar pipelines.
(Ord. No. 6674, § 3, 3-23-87; Ord. No. 11183, § 12, 6-17-14, eff. 1-1-13)