Sec. 19-610. Use tax: imposition of tax; presumption.
   (a)   There is hereby levied and imposed, subject to all other provisions of this chapter, an excise tax on the storage or use in the city of tangible personal property, for the purpose of raising revenue to be used in defraying the necessary expenses of the city, such taxes to be collected by the tax collector.
   (b)   The tax rate shall be at an amount equal to two and six-tenths (2.6) percent of the:
   (1)   Cost of tangible personal property acquired from a retailer, upon every person storing or using such property in this city.
   (2)   Gross income from the business activity upon every person meeting the requirements of subsection 19-620(b) or (c) who is engaged or continuing in the business activity of sales, rentals, leases, or licenses of tangible personal property to persons within the city for storage or use within the city, to the extent that tax has been collected upon such transaction.
   (3)   Cost of the tangible personal property provided under the conditions of a warranty, maintenance, or service contract.
   (4)   Cost of complimentary items provided to patrons without itemized charge by a restaurant, hotel, or other business.
   (5)   (Reserved).
   (c)   It shall be presumed that all tangible personal property acquired by any person who at the time of such acquisition resides in the city is acquired for storage or use in this city, until the contrary is established by the taxpayer.
   (d)   Exclusions. For the purposes of this division, the acquisition of the following shall not be deemed to be the purchase, rental, lease, or license of tangible personal property for storage or use within the city:
   (1)   Stocks, bonds, options, or other similar materials.
   (2)   Lottery tickets or shares sold pursuant to A.R.S. title 5, chapter 5, article I.
   (3)   Platinum, bullion, or monetized bullion, except minted or manufactured coins transferred or acquired primarily for their numismatic value as prescribed by regulation.
   (e)   (Reserved).
   (f)   (Reserved).
   (g)   Notwithstanding the tax rate identified elsewhere in this section, an additional tax in an amount equal to one-tenth of one (0.1) percent on any activity or item taxable under this section is imposed pursuant to Chapter IV, Section 5 of the Charter of the City of Tucson.
(Ord. No. 9840, § 5, 5-5-03; Ord. No. 11479, § 1, 8-8-17; Ord. No. 11485, eff. 8-8-17; Ord. No. 11518, eff. 1-23-18)