Article I. In General
8-1-1-1: Definitions
8-1-1-2: Clinging To Vehicles
8-1-1-3: Riding Upon Vehicle
Article II. Operation Regulations
Division 1. Generally
8-1-2-1: Obedience To Police Officers
8-1-2-2: Obedience To Traffic Signals
8-1-2-3: Operation Of Vehicles In General
8-1-2-4: Driving On Closed Streets
8-1-2-5: Driving On Right Side; Exception
8-1-2-6: Duty To Keep In Single Lane
8-1-2-7: Emergency Vehicles Exempt
8-1-2-8: Emergency Vehicles To Comply With Law
8-1-2-9: Yielding Roadway To Oncoming Vehicle
8-1-2-10: Excessive Noise
8-1-2-11: Use Of Warning Devices At Night
8-1-2-12: Limitations On Backing
8-1-2-13: Driving Across Sidewalks, Crosswalks
8-1-2-14: Following Too Closely
8-1-2-15: Operation Of Golf Carts
Division 2. Speed
8-1-3-1: Obedience To Speed Limits
8-1-3-2: Minimum Speed; Police Procedures
8-1-3-3: Emergency Vehicles Exempt
8-1-3-4: Speed Limits To Be Posted
8-1-3-5: Limits Established
Division 3. Passing
8-1-4-1: Overtaking At Intersections
8-1-4-2: No Passing Zones
8-1-4-3: Duty Of Driver Upon Being Overtaken
8-1-4-4: Failure To Heed Signal; Overtaking Vehicle
8-1-4-5: Duty Of Driver, Overtaking Another
Division 4. Starting, Stopping And Turning
8-1-5-1: Starting Parked Vehicle
8-1-5-2: Turning At Intersections
8-1-5-3: When Signal Required
8-1-5-4: U-Turns; Procedure
Division 5. Right Of Way
8-1-6-1: Intersections
8-1-6-2: Entering Street From Alley, Private Way
8-1-6-3: Processions
8-1-6-4: Emergency Vehicles
Article III. Signs And Signals
8-1-7-1: Obedience To Signs, Signals
8-1-7-2: Placing Traffic Signs, Signals; Conformity Of Installation
8-1-7-3: Crosswalks And Crossing Areas
8-1-7-4: Unauthorized Signs, Signals; Defacing
Article IV. Motor Vehicles
Division 1. Generally
8-1-8-1: Windshields And Windows
8-1-8-2: Driving Unsafe Vehicles; Equipment Required
8-1-8-3: Emergency Signaling Devices
8-1-8-4: Use Of Unsafe Vehicles
Division 2. Size, Weight And Load
8-1-9-1: Width Limitation
8-1-9-2: Projecting Body, Loads To Be Marked
8-1-9-3: Weight Limitations
Division 3. Lights
8-1-10-1: Headlights
8-1-10-2: Headlight Requirements
8-1-10-3: Taillights; Illuminations Of Registration Plate
8-1-10-4: Auxiliary Driving Lamps
8-1-10-5: Spot Lamps
8-1-10-6: Conformity Of Lighting Equipment
8-1-10-7: Turning Off Lights To Avoid Arrest
8-1-10-8: Parked Vehicles; Accident
Division 4. Other Equipment
8-1-11-1: Mufflers
8-1-11-2: Brakes
8-1-11-3: Horns And Warning Devices
8-1-11-4: Tires; Projections
8-1-11-5: Use Of Engine Brakes Prohibited
Article V. Motorcycles
8-1-12-1: Headlights
8-1-12-2: Riding And Operation
Article VI. Accidents
8-1-13-1: Duty Of Driver; Accident Involving Another Vehicle
8-1-13-2: Duty Of Driver; Accident Involving Personal Injury
8-1-13-3: Accident Reports
Article VII. Pedestrians
8-1-14-1: Obedience To Traffic Officers, Signals
Article VIII. One-Way Streets
8-1-15-1: Establishing One-Way Streets
8-1-15-2: Signs To Be Posted; Location Requirements
8-1-15-3: Obedience To Signs
Article IX. Stop And Through Streets
8-1-16-1: Establishment Of Through Streets
8-1-16-2: Placing Signs Or Devices
8-1-16-3: Observance By Driver
Article X. Parking
8-1-17-1: Prohibited Parking Places Enumerated
8-1-17-2: No Parking Areas To Be Designated
8-1-17-3: Manner Of Parking
8-1-17-4: Double Parked Defined
8-1-17-5: Double Parking
8-1-17-6: Unattended Vehicles
8-1-17-7: Impounding Of Illegally Parked Vehicles
8-1-17-8: Parking In Proximity To Railroad
8-1-17-9: Diagonal Parking; Length Of Vehicle