* Editors Note: Printed herein is the Charter of the City of Mason, Michigan, as adopted by electors on June 26, 1951. Amendments are indicated by parenthetical history notes following amended provisions. The absence of a history note indicates that the provision remains unchanged from the original. Obvious misspellings have been corrected without notation. For stylistic purposes, a uniform system of headings, catchlines and citations to state statutes have been used. Such stylistic change includes printing of catchlines in boldface type, abbreviation of the word "Section" in catchlines as "Sec.," placement of the catchline after the section number (rather than before it), substitution of a period for a colon in the punctuation ending the catchline and starting the text of the next section on a new line. Additions for clarity are indicated by brackets.
State Law References: Home rule cities, MCL 117.1 et seq.
Chapter 1. Name and Boundaries
Sec. 1.1. Name and boundaries.
Chapter 2. Municipal Powers
Sec. 2.1. General powers.
Sec. 2.2. Further definition of powers.
Sec. 2.3. Inter-governmental contracts.
Sec. 2.4. Exercise of power.
Chapter 3. Elections
Sec. 3.1. Qualifications of electors.
Sec. 3.2. Election procedure.
Sec. 3.3. Wards and precincts.
Sec. 3.4. Election date.
Sec. 3.5. Elective officers and term of office.
Sec. 3.6. Non-partisan election.
Sec. 3.7. Special elections.
Sec. 3.8. Notice of elections.
Sec. 3.9. Voting hours.
Sec. 3.10. Nominations.
Sec. 3.11. Form of petition.
Sec. 3.12. Approval of petition.
Sec. 3.13. Additional nominations by council.
Sec. 3.14. Public inspection of petitions.
Sec. 3.15. Election commission.
Sec. 3.16. Form of ballot.
Sec. 3.17. Canvass of votes.
Sec. 3.18. Tie vote.
Sec. 3.19. Recount.
Sec. 3.20. Recall.
Chapter 4. Organization of Government
Sec. 4.1. Council.
Sec. 4.2. Qualifications of councilmen.
Sec. 4.3. Compensation of councilmen.
Sec. 4.4. Election of mayor; mayor pro tem.
Sec. 4.5. Duties of mayor.
Sec. 4.6. Administrative service.
Sec. 4.7. Clerk; functions and duties.
Sec. 4.8. Treasurer; functions and duties.
Sec. 4.9. Assessor; functions and duties.
Sec. 4.10. Attorney; functions and duties.
Sec. 4.11. Attorney; compensation.
Sec. 4.12. City police.
Sec. 4.13. Fire-fighting and prevention.
Chapter 5. General Provisions Regarding Officers and Personnel of the City
Sec. 5.1. Eligibility for office in city.
Sec. 5.2. Vacancies in office.
Sec. 5.3. Removals by council.
Sec. 5.4. Resignations.
Sec. 5.5. Filling vacancies in elective offices.
Sec. 5.6. Change in term of office or compensation.
Sec. 5.7. Oath of office and bond.
Sec. 5.8. Surety bonds.
Sec. 5.9. Delivery of office.
Sec. 5.10. Financial interest prohibited.
Sec. 5.11. Compensation of employees and officers.
Sec. 5.12. Social security benefits and retirement.
Chapter 6. The Council
Sec. 6.1. Procedure and miscellaneous powers and duties; regular meetings.
Sec. 6.2. Special meetings.
Sec. 6.3. Business of special meetings.
Sec. 6.4. Meetings to be public.
Sec. 6.5. Quorum; adjournment of meeting.
Sec. 6.6. Compulsory attendance and conduct at meetings.
Sec. 6.7. Rules of the council.
Sec. 6.8. Providing for public health and safety.
Sec. 6.9. Investigations.
Chapter 7. Legislation
Sec. 7.1. Status of Charter.
Sec. 7.2. Prior ordinances and regulations.
Sec. 7.3. Ordinances and resolutions.
Sec. 7.4. Enactment, amendment, repeal and effective date of ordinances.
Sec. 7.5. Penalties for violation of ordinances.
Sec. 7.6. Publication and recording of ordinances.
Sec. 7.7. Vacating of public places.
Sec. 7.8. Enactment of codes by reference.
Sec. 7.9. Severability of ordinances.
Sec. 7.10. Compilation or codification of ordinances.
Sec. 7.11. Initiative and referendum.
Sec. 7.12. Initiatory and referendary petitions.
Sec. 7.13. Council procedure on initiatory and referendary petitions.
Sec. 7.14. Submission of initiatory and referendary petitions to electors.
Sec. 7.15. Effect of a referendary petition.
Chapter 8. General Finance Purchasing
Sec. 8.1. Fiscal year.
Sec. 8.2. Budget procedures.
Sec. 8.3. Budget hearing.
Sec. 8.4. Adoption of budget.
Sec. 8.5. Budget control.
Sec. 8.6. Depository.
Sec. 8.7. Independent audit; annual report.
Sec. 8.8. Purchase and sale of property.
Chapter 9. Taxation
Sec. 9.1. Power to tax; tax limits.
Sec. 9.2. Subjects of taxation.
Sec. 9.3. Exemptions.
Sec. 9.4. Tax day.
Sec. 9.5. Preparation of the assessment roll.
Sec. 9.6. Board of review.
Sec. 9.7. Meetings of board of review.
Sec. 9.8. Notice of meetings.
Sec. 9.9. Duties and functions of board of review.
Sec. 9.10. Endorsement of roll.
Sec. 9.11. Clerk to certify tax levy.
Sec. 9.12. City tax roll.
Sec. 9.13. Tax roll certified for collection.
Sec. 9.14. Tax lien.
Sec. 9.15. Taxes due; notification thereof.
Sec. 9.16. Collection fees and interest.
Sec. 9.17. Failure or refusal to pay tax.
Sec. 9.18. Delinquent tax roll to county treasurer.
Sec. 9.19. State, county and school taxes.
Sec. 9.20. Protection of city lien.
Chapter 10. Borrowing Power
Sec. 10.1. Grant of authority to borrow.
Sec. 10.2. Authorization of electors required.
Sec. 10.3. Limits of borrowing powers.
Sec. 10.4. Preparation and record of bonds.
Sec. 10.5. Unissued bonds.
Chapter 11. Special Assessments
Sec. 11.1. General power relative to special assessments.
Sec. 11.2. Special assessment procedure.
Sec. 11.3. Special assessment powers.
Sec. 11.4. Disposition of excessive special assessments.
Sec. 11.5. Correction of invalid special assessments.
Sec. 11.6. Contested assessments.
Sec. 11.7. Collection of special assessments.
Sec. 11.8. Special assessments accounts.
Sec. 11.9. Assessments for sidewalks and abatement of hazards or nuisance.
Chapter 12. Municipally Owned Utilities
Sec. 12.1. General powers respecting utilities.
Sec. 12.2. Management of municipal utilities.
Sec. 12.3. Rates.
Sec. 12.4. Utility rates and charges; collection.
Sec. 12.5. Disposal of utility plants and property.
Sec. 12.6. Utility accounts.
Chapter 13. Franchises; Regulation of Utilities; Contracts; Leases
Sec. 13.1. Franchises, contracts and leases remain in effect.
Sec. 13.2. Granting of public utility franchise.
Sec. 13.3. Conditions of public utility franchise.
Sec. 13.4. Regulation of rates.
Sec. 13.5. Use of public places by utilities.
Sec. 13.6. Contracts.
Sec. 13.7. Leases.
Chapter 14. Supervisors
(Not Published)
Chapter 15. Justice Court
(Not Published)
Chapter 16. Cemeteries
Sec. 16.1. Ownership and use.
Sec. 16.2. Purchase and care.
Sec. 16.3. Board of cemetery trustees.
Sec. 16.4. Board of cemetery trustees; organization, powers and duties.
Sec. 16.5. Duties of the superintendent of cemetery.
Sec. 16.6. Regulatory powers of the council.
Sec. 16.7. Other cemeteries, council powers to regulate.
Chapter 17. Miscellaneous
Sec. 17.1. City liability.
Sec. 17.2. No estoppel; by representation.
Sec. 17.3. Vested rights continued.
Sec. 17.4. Trusts.
Sec. 17.5. Vacancies in appointive boards and commissions.
Sec. 17.6. Records to be public.
Sec. 17.7. Definition of publication; mailing of notices.
Sec. 17.8. Sundays and holidays.
Sec. 17.9. Chapter and section headings.
Sec. 17.10. Interpretations.
Sec. 17.11. Penalties for violations of Charter.
Sec. 17.12. Amendments.
Sec. 17.13. Severability of Charter provisions.
Sec. 17.14. Processes against city.