Sec. 6.7. Rules of the council.
The Council shall determine its own rules and order of business, subject to the following provisions:
   (1)   A journal of the proceedings of each meeting shall be kept by the Clerk in the English language and shall be signed by the presiding officer and Clerk of the meeting.
State Law References: Mandatory that Charter provide for keeping in the English language a written or printed journal of each session of the legislative body, MCL 117.3(m).
   (2)   The vote upon all ordinances and resolutions shall be taken by a "Yes" and "No" vote and entered upon the records, except that, where the vote is unanimous, it shall only be necessary to so state.
   (3)   No Councilman shall vote on any question in which he has a financial interest, other than the common public interest, or on any question concerning his own conduct, but, on all other questions, each member who is present shall vote, unless excused by unanimous consent of the remaining members present.
   (4)   Each standing committee of the Council shall be composed of at least three members. In the event that the office of City Administrator is created as provided for in Section 4.6, supra, the Council shall not have any standing committee. The Council shall not assign the administration of any department of the City to any member or committee of the Council.
(Amendment of 8-5-2003)