Sec. 11.3. Special assessment powers.
The Council shall, in the exercise of its powers of special assessment, have power to provide for the following, but this list shall not be exclusive:
   (1)   For the construction of public parking facilities as a public improvement financed, in whole or in part, by the special assessment method;
   (2)   For installing a boulevard lighting system on any street as a public improvement to be financed, in whole or in part, by special assessment upon the lands abutting thereupon; provided, that, before any such improvement may be made, the property owners of a majority of the frontage of such street or part thereof to be so improved shall petition therefor;
State Law References: Permissible Charter provisions, MCL 117.4d(1)(b).
   (3)   For the payment of special assessments in annual installments, not to exceed twenty in number, the first such installment to be due, either upon confirmation of the special assessment roll, or on the following July 1, and subsequent installments to be due on July 1 of succeeding years;
   (4)   Each installment, which shall be due on July 1 of any year, shall be placed upon the annual city tax roll, and in the case of deferred installments, an interest charge shall be added thereto at a rate to be determined by the Council, which rate shall not exceed the greater of six per cent per year or the interest rate on any special assessment bonds sold for such improvement plus one percent (1%). Any person shall have the right to make advance payment of such installment with interest only to the date of payment;
   (5)   For making additional pro rata assessments when any special assessment roll proves insufficient to pay for the improvement for which it was levied and the expenses incident thereto; provided, that the additional pro rata assessment shall not exceed twenty-five per cent of the assessment, as originally confirmed, unless a meeting of the Council be held to review such additional assessment. Notice of any such meeting shall be published as provided in the case of review of the original special assessment roll.
(Amendment of 8-5-2003; Amendment of 8-2-2005)