Sec. 17.7. Definition of publication; mailing of notices.
The requirement contained in this Charter for the publishing or publication of notices, ordinances, or proceedings shall be met by publishing an appropriate insertion in a newspaper published in the English language for the dissemination of news of a general character which newspaper shall have had a general circulation at regular intervals in the City for at least two years immediately preceding the time that it is used for such publication purposes. The affidavit of the printer or publisher of such newspaper, or of his foreman or principal clerk, annexed to a printed copy of such notice, ordinance, or proceeding, taken from the paper in which it was published and specifying the times of publication, shall be prima facie evidence of such publication. This provision shall not apply to the publication required in Sections 7.8 and 7.10 of this Charter.
In any case in which this Charter requires the mailing of notices, the affidavit of the officer or employee responsible for such mailing that such notice was mailed shall be prima facie evidence of such mailing.