Sec. 8.8. Purchase and sale of property.
The Council shall designate one of the administrative officers of the City as Purchasing Agent. Such officer shall be responsible for the purchase and sale of all city property. Competitive prices for all purchases and public improvements shall be obtained, except when no advantage to the City would result from such procedure. All purchases and sales shall be evidenced by written contract, purchase order, or bill of sale. The Council shall establish detailed procedures for purchases and sales. It may authorize the purchasing agent to make purchases and sales within a prescribed dollar limit without prior approval of the Council. In all sales or purchases in excess of ten thousand dollars, the sale or purchase shall be submitted to, and approved by the Council. In all such cases, formal sealed bids shall be obtained and, in all sales or purchases in excess of ten thousand dollars, compliance shall be had with the requirements of Section 13.6 of this Charter. The Council may authorize the making of public improvements, or the performing of any other city work, by any city agency or department without competitive bidding. The City may not sell any park, or any part thereof, unless approved by three-fifths of the electors of the City voting thereon at any general or special election.
(Amendment of 8-7-2001(1); Amendment of 11-2-2010)