Sec. 3.12. Approval of petition.
The Clerk shall accept only nomination petitions which conform with the forms provided and maintained by him, and which, considered together, contain the required number of valid signatures for candidates having those qualifications required for the respective elective city officers by this Charter. When a petition is filed by persons other than the person whose name appears thereon as a candidate, it may be accepted only when accompanied by the written consent of the candidate. The Clerk shall, forthwith after the filing of a petition, notify in writing any candidate whose petition is then known not to meet the requirements of this Section, but the failure to so notify any candidate shall in no way prevent a final determination that the petition does not meet such requirements. Within five days after the last date for filing petitions, the Clerk shall make his final determination as to the validity and sufficiency of each nomination petition and as to whether or not the candidate has the qualifications required for his respective elective city office as required by this Charter, shall write his determination thereof on the face of the petition, and shall notify in writing the candidate whose name appears thereon of his determination.