Sec. 8.5. Budget control.
Except for purposes which are to be financed by a method notrequiring a budget appropriation, no money shall be drawn from the treasury of the City without such an appropriation, nor shall any obligation for the expenditure of money be incurred without an appropriation covering all payments which will be due under such obligation during the current fiscal year. To meet the requirements of this Section, the Council may transfer any unencumbered appropriation balance, or any portion thereof, from one department, fund, or agency to another.
In case of emergency arising from fire, flood, or other calamity, the Council may make additional appropriations to cover unanticipated expenditures required of the City because of such emergency.
The balance in any appropriation, which has not been encumbered at the end of the fiscal year, shall revert to the general fund and be reappropriated during the next fiscal year.
At the beginning of each quarterly period during the fiscal year, and more often if required by the Council, the officer responsible for the maintenance of the City's accounting system shall submit to the Council data showing the relation between the estimated and actual revenues and expenditures to date. If it shall appear that the revenues are less than anticipated, the Council may reduce appropriations, except amounts required for debt and interest charges, to such a degree as may be necessary to keep expenditures within the revenues of the City.