Sec. 9.14. Tax lien.
The city taxes thus assessed shall become at once a debt due to the City from the persons to whom they are assessed, and the amounts assessed on any interest in real property shall on the first day of July become a lien upon such real property, and the lien for such amounts and for all interest and other charges thereon shall continue until payment thereof. All personal taxes shall also be a first lien, prior, superior, and paramount, upon all personal property of the persons so assessed from and after the first day of July in each year and shall so remain until paid, which said tax liens shall take precedence over all other claims, encumbrances and liens upon said personal property whatsoever, whether created by chattel mortgage, execution, levy, judgment, or otherwise, and whether arising before or after the assessment of said personal taxes, and no transfer of personal property assessed for taxes thereon shall operate to divest or destroy such lien, except where such personal property is actually sold in the regular course ofretail trade.
Editor's Note: The provisions of Charter § 9.14 are superseded by MCL 211.40. See MCL 211.107.