Sec. 17.1. City liability.
The City shall not be liable for damages sustained by any person either to his person or property by reason of the negligence of the City, its officers or employees, nor by reason of any defective condition of or obstruction in any public place, unless such person shall serve or cause to be served upon the Clerk, within sixty days after the injury resulting in such damages shall have occurred, a notice in writing, which notice shall set forth substantially the time and place of such injury, the manner in which it occurred, the extent of such damages as far as the same has become known, the names and addresses of the witnesses known at the time by the claimant, and a statement that the person sustaining such damages intends to hold the City liable for such damages as may have been sustained by him. Further, the City shall not be liable for any damages to person or property arising out of any such injury unless there shall have been first presented to the Clerk a claim in writing and under oath setting forth particularly the time, place, nature, and extent of such injury and the amount of damages claimed by reason thereof. No person shall bring any action against the City for any such damages until such claim shall have been filed with the Clerk and until the Council shall have been given opportunity to act thereon either by allowing or refusing to allow the claim.
It shall be a sufficient bar and answer in any court to any action or proceeding for the collection of any demand or claim against the City under this Section that the notice of injury and the verified proof of claim, as in this Section required, were not presented and filed within the time and in the manner as herein provided.
Editor's Note: The provisions of Charter § 17.1 are superseded by MCL 691.1401 et seq.