Sec. 5.11. Compensation of employees and officers.
The compensation of all employees and officers of the City whosecompensation is not provided for herein shall be fixed by the appointing officer or body within the limits of budget appropriations and in accordance with any over-all pay plan adopted by the Council.
The respective salaries and compensation of officers and employees, as fixed pursuant to this Charter, shall be in full for all official services of such officers or employees and shall be in lieu of all fees, commissions, and other compensation receivable by such officers or employees for their services.
Such fees, commissions, and other compensation shall belong to the City and shall be collected and accounted for by such officers or employees, and be paid into the city treasury and a statement thereof filed periodically with the Clerk. The provisions of this paragraph shall not apply to fees, commissions, or other compensation paid by the County of Ingham to any officer or employee serving as a city representative on the Board of Supervisors, nor shall it apply to statutory fees allowed Constables.