Sec. 10.2. Authorization of electors required.
(a)   Bonds provided in Section 10.1(1) shall be issued only with the approval of three-fifths of the electors of the City voting thereon at any general or special election.
Editor's Note: The three-fifths vote requirement of Charter § 10.2(a) has been modified to a majority vote by MCL 117.5 as amended by 1966 PA 350, Michigan Supreme Court, Lansing v. Board of Canvassers, 380 Mich 496 (1968).
(b)   All other bonds may be issued without the approval of the electorate, unless such approval is required by statute.
(c)   Whenever any question is submitted to the vote of the electors of the City, which involves the direct expenditure of public money for the issue of bonds, only such persons having the qualifications of electors who have property assessed for taxes in any part of the district or territory to be affected by the result of such election or the lawful husbands or wives of such persons shall be entitled to vote thereon.
Editor's Note: The provisions of Charter § 10.2(c) are obsolete per mandate of the United States Supreme Court, Kramer v. Union Free School District, 395 US 621 (1969) and Phoenix v. Kolodziejski, 399 US 204 (1970).