Sec. 16.4. Board of cemetery trustees; organization, powers and duties.
(a)   The Board of Cemetery Trustees shall appoint one of theirnumber chairman, and the City Clerk shall be clerk of the Board. The Council may, by ordinance, invest the Board with such powers and authority as may be necessary for the care, management, and preservation of such cemetery and grounds, the tombs and monuments therein, and the appurtenances thereof; and, in addition to the duties herein mentioned, the Board shall perform such other duties as the Council may prescribe;
(b)   Said Board, subject to the directions and ordinances of the Council, shall have the care and management of such cemetery or burial place or places, and shall direct the improvements and embellishments of the grounds; cause such grounds to be laid out into lots, avenues, and walks. The lots in such cemetery shall be numbered and the avenues and walks named, and plats thereof shall be made and recorded in the office of the City Clerk. The Board shall fix the price of lots, and make the sales thereof. The conveyances of such lots shall be executed on behalf of the City by the Clerk, and be recorded in his office at the expense of the purchasers;
(c)   Said Board shall expend the money provided for the care and improvements of the grounds; and make such regulations for the burial of the dead, the care and protection of the grounds, monuments, and appurtenances of the cemetery, and the orderly conduct of persons visiting the grounds, as may be consistent with the ordinances of the City and the laws of the State of Michigan;
(d)   All moneys raised for any public cemetery established under authority of this Charter, and all moneys received from the sale of lots therein, or from any other source, shall be paid into the city treasurer, and shall constitute a fund to be denominated the "cemetery fund." Said fund shall not be devoted or applied to any other purpose, except the purposes of such cemetery. The Board of Trustees shall annually report to the Council the amount of all moneys received into and owing to the cemetery fund, and from what source, and from whom; and the date, amount, and purpose of all expenditures and liabilities incurred, to whom paid, and to whom incurred; which report shall be certified by the clerk of the board.
(Amendment of 8-5-2003)