Sec. 3.17. Canvass of votes.
The Clerk, the Attorney, and the members of the Council shall bethe Board of Canvassers to canvass the votes at city elections, except that if any of such persons are candidates for office at the election to be canvassed, such persons shall not be a member of the Board of Canvassers at such election. A majority of the members of such board as so constituted shall be a quorum. The Board of Canvassers shall convene on the Thursday next succeeding each city election at the usual time and place of meeting of the Council and shall determine the results of the city election upon each question and proposition voted upon and what persons are duly elected or nominated to the several offices respectively at said election, and shall notify, forthwith in writing, the successful candidates or nominees of their election. The number of candidates for each office equal to the number to be elected to such office who receive the highest number of votes shall be elected. The Clerk shall make, under the corporate seal of the City, duplicate certificates of the determinations of the Board and shall file one certificate with the County Clerk and the other in his own office.
State Law References: Board of canvassers and contracts with county for canvassing, MCL 168.30a et seq.