Sec. 13.3. Conditions of public utility franchise.
All public utility franchises granted, after the adoption of this Charter, whether it be so provided in the granting ordinance or not, shall be subject to the following rights of the City:
   (1)   To repeal the same for misuse, non-use, or failure to comply with the provisions thereof;
   (2)   To require reasonable and adequate extension of plant and service and the maintenance thereof at the highest practicable standard of efficiency;
   (3)   To establish reasonable and practicable standards of service and quality of products and prevent unjust discrimination in service or rates;
   (4)   To require continuous and uninterrupted service to the public in accordance with the terms of the franchise throughout the entire period thereof;
   (5)   To impose such other regulations as may be determined by the Council to be conducive to the health, safety, welfare, and accommodations of the public;
   (6)   To use, control, and regulate the use of its streets, alleys, bridges, and public places and the space above and beneath them.
The above enumeration shall not be exclusive or impair the right of the Council to insert in such franchise any provision within the power of the City to impose or require.