Sec. 11.2. Special assessment procedure.
The Council shall prescribe, by ordinance, the complete specialassessment procedure governing the initiation of projects, preparation of plans and cost estimates, creation of districts, making and confirming of assessment rolls, correction of errors in the rolls, collection of assessments, and any other matters concerning the making of improvements by the special assessment method.
Such ordinance shall provide for the enforcement of the following restrictions:
   (1)   No resolution finally determining to proceed with establishing any special assessment district for the making of any public improvement shall be made until cost estimates have been prepared and a public hearing has been held on the advisability of so proceeding, which hearing shall be held not less than ten days after notice thereof has been published and sent by registered mail to all property owners in the proposed special assessment district, as shown by the current assessment roll of the City; Failure of any owner to receive such notice shall not invalidate any such special assessment or special assessment roll;
Editor's Note: The notice requirements in Charter § 11.2(1) are superseded by MCL 211.741.
   (2)   No special assessment roll shall be finally confirmed until after a meeting of the Council has been held for the purpose of reviewing such roll, which meeting shall be held not less than ten days after notice thereof has been published;
   (3)   No original special assessment roll shall be finally confirmed, except by the affirmative vote of five of the members of the Council, if, prior to such confirmation, written objections to the proposed improvements have been filed, either by the owners of property which will be required to bear more than fifty per cent of the amount of such special assessment, or by more than fifty per cent of the number of owners of property which is to be assessed;
   (4)   No public improvement to be financed, in whole or in part, by special assessment shall be made before the confirmation of the special assessment roll for such improvement.