Sec. 17.10. Interpretations.
Except as otherwise specifically provided or indicated by thecontext:
   (1)   All words used in this Charter indicating the present tense shall not be limited to the time of the adoption of this Charter but shall extend to and include the time of the happening of any event or requirement for which provision is made herein;
   (2)   The singular number shall include the plural and the plural number shall include the singular and the masculine gender shall extend to and include the feminine and neuter genders;
   (3)   The word "person" may extend and be applied to bodies politic and corporate and to partnerships as well as to individuals;
   (4)   The words "printed" and "printing" shall include reproductions by printing, typewriting, engraving, stencil duplicating, lithographing, or any similar method;
   (5)   Except in reference to signatures, the words "written" and "in writing" shall include printing and typewriting, and telegraphic communications as well as hand written script;
   (6)   The word "officer" shall include the members of the Council, the administrative officers, the Justices of the Peace, Associate Justices of the Peace, and the Constables.
   (7)   All references to Section numbers shall refer to Section numbers of this Charter.
   (8)   The words "statute," "law," or "general laws of the state" shall denote the Constitution and the Public Acts of the State of Michigan, in effect at the time the provision of the Charter containing the words "statute," "law," or "general laws of the state" is to be applied, and the applicable common law.