Sec. 9.6. Board of review.
The Board of Review shall be composed of three free-holders of property located within the City, who are qualified and registered electors of the City. Members of the Board of Review shall not, during their term of office, be city officers, employees of the City, or nominees or candidates for any elective city office. The filing by a member of the Board of Review of a petition for an elective city office, or the filing of a consent to the filing of such a petition on his behalf, shall constitute a resignation from the Board of Review. One member of the Board shall be appointed by the Council annually in January for a term of three years, to replace the member whose term expires during that year. The Council shall fix the compensation of the members of the Board. The Board of Review shall, annually in February, select its own chairman for the ensuing year. The Assessor shall be clerk of the Board and shall be entitled to be heard at its sessions but shall not be entitled to vote on any question before the Board. A majority of the members of the Board shall constitute a quorum.
State Law References: Composition of board of review, MCL 211.107(3).