Sec. 3.6. Non-partisan election.
A non-partisan city primary election shall be held on the even year August primary election date prescribed by State Law.
If upon the expiration of the time for filing nomination petitions for any elective city office, petitions have been filed for no more than twice the number of candidates for such office to be elected at the next city election, then no primary election shall be held in respect to such office and the Clerk shall publish notice of this fact. Candidates, in number to twice the number of persons to be elected to each city office at such election who receive the highest number of votes at any such primary election shall be declared the nominees for election to the respective offices for which they are candidates. The names of such nominees, together with the names of persons for whom petitions have been filed for offices with respect to which no primary election was held, and the names of persons who have been selected as nominees under the provisions of Section 3.13 hereafter, shall be certified by the Clerk to the Election Commission to be placed upon the ballot for the next subsequent regular city election.
(Amendment of 8-2-2005)
Editor's Note: As the city now has odd-year elections pursuant to MCL 257.644a et seq., the date of the primary in Charter § 3.6 has been superseded by Code § 18-2. See MCL 257.644b.