Introductory Provisions
   151.001   Title
   151.002   Authority
   151.003   Applicability and jurisdiction
   151.004   Minimum requirements
   151.005   Purpose and intent
   151.006   Flood warning and disclaimer of liability
   151.007   National Flood Insurance Program
   151.008   Commentary
   151.009   Word usage and construction of language
   151.010   Conflicting provisions
   151.011   Transitional provisions
Review and Decision-Making Bodies
   151.025   Planning, Building and Zoning Committee
   151.026   Reserved
   151.027   Zoning Board of Appeals
   151.028   Hearing Officer
   151.029   Plat Officer
   151.030   Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT)
   151.031   Board of Vacations
   151.032   Planning, Building and Development Director
Development Review Procedures
   151.045   General
   151.046   Text amendments
   151.047   Zoning map amendments (rezonings)
   151.048   Site capacity calculations/site plan review
   151.049   Subdivision
   151.050   Conditional use permits
   151.051   Planned unit developments
   151.052   Site development permits
   151.053   Design review
   151.054   Certificates of occupancy
   151.055   Sign plans and sign permits
   151.056   Zoning variances
   151.057   Written interpretations
   151.058   Appeals of administrative decisions
Site Capacity, Site Plan Review, and Natural Resource Protection
   151.070   Site capacity calculations/site plan review procedures
   151.071   Natural resource protection standards
   151.072   Open space requirements
Zoning Districts
   151.085   Generally
   151.086   AG, Agricultural District
   151.087   RE, Rural Estate District
   151.088   E, Estate and R-1 Residential Districts
   151.089   R-2, R-3, and R-4 Residential Districts
   151.090   R-4A, R-5, and R-6 Residential Districts
   151.091   RR, Resort Residential
   151.092   GO, General Office
   151.093   LC, Limited Commercial
   151.094   RC, Recreational Commercial
   151.095   GC, General Commercial
   151.096   LI, Limited Industrial
   151.097   II, Intensive Industrial
   151.098   OS, Open Space
   151.099   GW, Gateway
Use Regulations
   151.110   Use permit
   151.111   Use table
   151.112   Use standards
   151.113   Accessory uses
   151.114   Temporary uses
Density and Dimensional Standards
   151.125   Density and dimensional standards tables
   151.126   Conventional residential development
   151.127   Conservation residential development
   151.128   Nonresidential development
   151.129   Affordable housing
   151.130   Conservation residential structure type
   151.131   Measurements and exceptions
   151.132   Planned unit developments (PUDs)
Site Development Regulations
   151.145   Site development permit
   151.146   Performance standards for all development
   151.147   Regulatory floodplain, regulatory floodway, flood table land, and flood-prone areas
   151.148   Uses and development in the regulatory floodplain
   151.149   Performance standards for regulatory floodplain development
   151.150   Performance standards for regulatory floodway development
   151.151   Performance standards for bridges, culvert crossings, and roadway approaches
   151.152   Performance standards for regulatory floodplains without regulatory floodways
   151.153   Performance standards for flood table land development
   151.154   Performance standards for flood-prone area development
General Development Standards
   151.165   Off-street parking
   151.166   Off-street loading
   151.167   Landscaping
   151.168   Outdoor lighting
   151.169   Traffic and access
   151.170   Sewer and water facilities
   151.171   Architectural standards
   151.172   Intersection visibility
   151.173   Signs
   151.185   General
   151.186   Subdivision types
   151.187   Panhandle subdivision
   151.188   Phased subdivisions
   151.189   Lots and outlots
   151.190   Dedications, easements, and reservations
   151.191   Subdivision procedures
   151.192   Modifications and appeals
   151.193   Application requirements and document standards
   151.194   Streets
   151.195   Water supply and distribution facilities
   151.196   Sanitary sewage disposal facilities
   151.197   Stormwater management facilities
   151.198   Dams and impoundment structures
   151.199   Subdivision landscaping
   151.200   Pedestrian walkways and trails
   151.201   Monuments
   151.202   Construction of improvements
   151.203   Assurances
   151.204   Vacations
School and Park Contributions
   151.220   Schools
   151.221   Park and recreation areas
   151.230   General
   151.231   Nonconforming uses
   151.232   Nonconforming structures
   151.233   Nonconforming lots
   151.234   Nonconforming signs
   151.235   Nonconforming landscaping
   151.236   Amortization
Violations, Penalties and Enforcement
   151.250   Responsibility for enforcement
   151.251   Violations
   151.252   Continuing violations
   151.253   Remedies and enforcement powers
   151.254   Continuation of previous enforcement actions
   151.255   Remedies cumulative
   151.256   Persons subject to penalties
   151.257   Enforcement procedures
   151.258   Wind energy facilities, accessory
   151.259   Solar energy systems, accessory
   151.260   Solar energy systems, commercial
   151.261   Wind energy facilities, commercial
   151.270   Use categories
   151.271   Terms defined
Special Area Regulations
   151.285   General
   Appendix A: Plant Materials List
   Appendix B: Street Classification Maps
   Appendix C: General Notes
   Appendix D: Surface Water Drainage Statement
   Appendix E: Certificates and Approvals
   Appendix F: Assignment of Specific Use Types to Use Categories
   Appendix G: Partial List of Agencies from Which Permits May be Required
   Appendix H: IDOT/DNR Dam Safety Permitting Guidelines
   Appendix I: Public Bodies of Water in Lake County
   Appendix J: Detention Volume Versus Curve Number
   Appendix K: Rainfall Tables
   Appendix L: Watershed-Specific Release Rates
   Appendix M: FEMA Flood Insurance Study Maps and Profiles
   Appendix N: High-Quality Aquatic Resources
   Appendix O: Typical Cross-Sections for Local Streets
   Appendix P: School Contribution Documents
   Appendix Q: Wind Energy Facilities
   Appendix R: Runoff Volume Reduction
   Appendix S: UDO Mitigation Requirements and Guidelines for Isolated Waters of Lake County Impacts
   Appendix T: Solar Energy Systems